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PR Friendly

Guest Posting for Authors, Publishers, Small Business Owners and Corporate Entities. Please note the different sections.

Authors and Publishers

Dogs Rule Cats Drool welcomes all authors and publishers. The following options are open;

  • A Book Review with a Giveaway. These can be done separately, depending on how many books are in front of yours.
  • Interview with the author, (I can send you the Q&A) with a Giveaway
  • Guest Post with a Giveaway: please write on any topic of interest about your book, the characters, your road to publishing, Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things about your book, the characters, the plot. Please send an email for further clarification.

Giveaways are a great way to spark interest and build buzz around your book. I request that a book giveaway be done with all book promotions. Please let me know how many copies you wish to give away, in addition to sending me a copy of the book, list who is eligible to enter- US, Canada or internationally. Please note that we do not ship to winners so do not send us an extra copy for the giveaway. We will provide you with the winner’s shipping information at the end of the giveaway.

If you have a specific date you would like the review to be posted, please let us know when submitting your book pitch and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Otherwise book review need a lead time of one month.

I reserve the right to decline reading the book if I find it not suitable after the first 50 pages. I will notify you by email if this is the case.

You review and giveaway will be given notice on different social networking places; facebook, multiple twitter accounts, social dog sites and others.

Guest Posting for Small Business and Corporate Entities

If you would like to guest post to advertise your site, your topic must include pets and your site must have some connection to pets.  Example: You may write about taking your pet on vacation and be an airline company because pets travel on planes.  I will not accept articles if your article link has nothing to do with pets.

If you fit the above criteria you may include one link in your article and include a three sentence bio at the end of the article. Your article will remain in the archives as long as the blog is active. Your article will be promoted in social media accounts; facebook, other blogs, dog social sites, multiple twitter accounts.

You have three choices for this type of article;

  • either a one time payment which helps to promote it on social networking sites
  • or promoting the article with a giveaway of an animal product
  • or buying advertising in the right sidebar.
  • The one time payment and advertising rates are very reasonable and much the same price.

If you are interested in any of the above please email Rebecca, at or



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