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Four Paw Savings

Dogs Rule, Get Them Insured

Tasha the dog

I never thought I would need pet insurance, my dogs were healthy, but on a visit to the vet, Tasha was diagnosed with cancerous tumors. There was no time to investigate pet insurance and … Read More

The Initial Steps When Finding a Stray Dog

A Stray Dog is Always in Need of Help

Stray animals are put in a tough position, and if you stumble upon one, you could be the only opportunity they have left. It’s … Read More

Second Chances and Miracles involving Four Rescue Dogs and their Owner

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper

Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don’t Whisper book is about second chances and miracles. Read about four … Read More

Life With Tasha – It Was A Flowerpot

Tasha the Dog

This morning it was a flower pot, but I worked really hard and

chewed it all to pieces. Max the puppy is chewing up everything so I figured I can do it.


Read More

Monday Mischief is a Week Long Event

Monday Mischief

Monday Mischief seems to be a week-long event at my house. If the dogs aren’t destroying my potted plants, then they are chewing up everything in their path. For the last two days, there has … Read More

Tasha and Max – Backyard Mates or Twins

Max the Dog

Max here to set the record straight. Everyone who seez Tasha and I together say “Oh look, twins,” Really? and they say humans are the superior race. Weez is not twins. Twins is something … Read More

Monday Mischief – Partners in Crime – Who Dun it?

The Partners in Crime: Max the dog and

Max the Dog


Tasha the Dog

Tasha the dog


Read More

Max the Dog Makes His Appearance on Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Max the Dog

While the British Royal family and fans are welcoming the new prince and first born son of William and Kate, we here at Dogs Rule Cats Drool have welcomed the newest … Read More

Hiking with Your Dog – Knowing the Dangers and Staying Safe

Tasha the dog enjoying a hike

All pet lovers enjoy walking their dog, however, there are certain dangers that one should know and how to keep you and your dog safe when enjoying the outdoors, especially on trails.

My latest … Read More

Sniff out Emma the GBGV Dog at Target

Emma is a Boots & Barkley dog model

Target stores have a no dog in the store policy, except, of course, when they are on the packages of dog products. This cute, adorable face in the picture is … Read More

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