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Life with Tasha – Taking My Medicine

Life with Tasha

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you, don’t … Read More

Post Op Recovery with Tasha

Tasha laying by the front door wearing the Cone of Shame

It’s been a week since Tasha’s surgery and each day she gets stronger on … Read More

What Your Dog’s Fur Can Tell You about His Health

German Shepherd

Whether it’s short and wiry or long and lustrous, your dog’s coat can tell you a lot about his condition. A dog with shiny, strong … Read More

Featured Blogger at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance


I am a featured blogger in the round-up article at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance about the mistakes make when potty training their dogs. Here’s what I had to say, “According to Rebecca, site creator and writer at Dogs Rule Cats Drool, too often pet owners … Read More

Caring for Senior Dogs – How to Keep Your Furry Friend Happy and Healthy

Your Senior Dog

What happens when your dog gets old? Dogs don’t live by calendar years and retirement parties to quantify their lives. When they begin to slow down, we might not … Read More

Pet Injury and Illnesses – Finding Money When the Need Arises

Fido needs to get well fast

As pet owners, we have all heard about pet insurance and while it is not required like other types of insurance, it can … Read More

Keeping Your Pets Healthy with Nutritious Food

Dog eating

As dog owners, we try to give our dogs every comfort we can. Owning a dog is a long-term responsibility and healthy dogs can live upwards … Read More

Dog Care 101

Adoption is good!

Have you just adopted your first dog? You may have a few questions about how to care for your new canine.

First and foremost, remember that … Read More

The Morning Bark – Ensuring Your Pet Lives a Long and Healthy Life

The Dog and The Vet

Dogs can tell when humans feel pain. They sense our emotions and understand the difference in us when our energy level is less than … Read More