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Guide Cat Saves Dog and Brings Him a New Lease on Life

You are my furrever pal.

One might expect cats and dogs to not get along, but not this cat and dog. The dog is blind and the cat helps … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Sassy the Cat Gets An Attitude Adjustment

Sassy the Cat

Mom said that I needed an attitude adjustment because I was becoming to sassy on this blog and she wanted me to be a nice … Read More

Savings on Pet Items for Dogs and Cats

FREE coupons for pet food on the internet! Saving money on pet care, food and other items for your pets is something everyone can use. Visit and choose from 8 different coupons for dog and … Read More

Special Animal Days in June

June is that special time of month for weddings and graduations. It is the month we get to enjoy the benefits of spring and the coolness before the hot summer temperatures arrives. It is also the … Read More

Cat Burglar Raids the Family Refrigerator

I see lots of animal videos on the web and some are cute or funny, but this one is clever. It seems this cat has learned how to open the freezer compartment of the family’s refrigerator, … Read More

Blogging From A to Z Challenge – Letter A – April Fool’s Day

(from the voice of Sassy the Cat)


If you have stopped by the blog today, then you are probably wondering why the subject of April Fool’s on … Read More

Postcards To Kittyland – Remembering Your Cat

Jekyll Says Book Cover


Children’s author D.C. Blackbird, author of Jekyll says. . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, Too! is launching an exciting new book project called … Read More

In the Event of Your Passing Away

I read this serious article, asking the question; In the event of your passing away tomorrow, what would happen to your dogs? I had to laugh though, because my first thought was for the cat and that the dogs would probably eat her if I wasn’t there to keep watch over her. Rest in Peace, … Read More

Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things about Sassy the Cat

For those of you who haven’t visited the blog EVER, we’ll you’ve been missing out on me. Here are Thirteen Things all about me, Sassy the cat, so read carefully.

Read More

Most Popular Dog and Cat Names of 2011

How does one name a dog or cat? The list of names to choose for your pet can fill pages and pages. Do you pick a name because of preference, the way it sounds, likability to something else or is it just something made … Read More