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Celebrities and Their Pets – Kelly Osbourne Mourns the Loss of Her Dog

In Memory Of

Kelly Osbourne, a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars and the daughter of rocker Ozzie Osbourne mourns the loss of her beloved childhood pet, Maggie,Read More

NoviPet Seeks Out Puppy Model for Upcoming Puppy Supplement (and you can win great prizes, too!)

NoviPet Giveaway

Do you think your pup has what it takes to be a cover model? When my dogs were puppies if someone would have told me that … Read More

Dogs and Their Owners – Differences and Similarities – is it coincidental

Have you ever noticed how some people look like their dogs? A new study says that this resemblance is more than skin deep. In the article, “What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You,” it states that pet owners might also share their pooch’s personalities. I will let you decide for yourself.

*Does your personality … Read More

Lucky the Dog May Just Outshine his Co-Stars

Dwayne Johnson, Tony Shaloub and Mark Walberg, star in the movie “Pain and Gain,” but the dog, Lucky Seven, might just outshine them. Lucky plays a beloved racing dog, named Tasty Reuben, but at home, he is just a member of the pack. Find out how Lucky handles star status without … Read More

Paws Cause and a Celebrity Experience

Dancing with the Stars partners with the Cai Animal Project

Do you love dogs? Do you love dancing? Dancing with the stars judge, Carrie Ann Innaba … Read More

St. Pawtrick’s Day – Walk with the Animals

Walking with the animals is sure to be a fun filled day at the 21st annual Walk with the Animals on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Put on your walking shoes, grab your dog’s leash, … Read More

Can You Hear Me Now – Competition for the Dog Whisperer with Premier of Dogs in the City

Dogs in the City Premiers Tonight May 30, 2012 on CBS Television at 8/7c

Can you hear me now? Competition for Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer is on the horizon. The premier of Dogs in … Read More

Shelter Stars Get New Names

Who says Hollywood is all glitz and glamour? Behind the scenes some of Hollywood’s most famous have taken to rescuing dogs from shelters and giving those dogs the loving home they deserve. With a new home … Read More

Jennifer Aniston Adopts a Dog

Long after her former television show Friends ended, Jennifer Aniston still graces the cover of every tabloid magazine. With every issue she is either adopting a baby, finding a new beau or having twins … Read More