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Dog Saves Two Girls From Icy Waters

Dogs are Hero’s

I enjoy stories where the dog is the hero and the top news story.

**A Fort Saskatchewan oil worker who rescued two girls from the icy … Read More

Dog News – Crimes and Injuries Involving Dogs

In National news, more and more disturbing stories are concerning injuries and thefts of dogs. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but in our fast-paced life’s, it seems as if there are … Read More

Dogs News 1.12.12 – Rescues, New Ventures, and All in a Day’s Work

Rescued Dog Repays a Man’s Kindness

A rescued dog repays the favor by rescuing

an elderly man from a house fire

A New Police Dog

I guess one could say the economy is getting … Read More

Dogs News 1.10.12 – Dogs Rescue People and People Rescue Them Right Back

Hero Awards

There is an old saying that a dog is man’s best friend. From these stories, I would say that man might also be a dog’s best friend. Enjoy!

Carrie Underwood takes the wheel from … Read More