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Dog Breeds with a Short Life Span

Not all dogs have a long life span

I have lived with dogs now for over 10 years and I figured my dogs, Spencer and Tasha died young, both at … Read More

All in a Day’s Work: Second Chances Lead to Service Work for Many Adopted Dogs

The dog Max and one of the stars at Dogs Rule, was adopted from a shelter.

Adopting a … Read More

Max the Dog Makes His Appearance on Dogs Rule Cats Drool

Max the Dog

While the British Royal family and fans are welcoming the new prince and first born son of William and … Read More

Rescue Dogs and Cats Become the State Pets in Colorado

rescue dogs and cats

It’s raining cats and dogs in the state of Colorado! Bringing attention to rescue dogs and cats as viable pets, … Read More

Protect Yourself and Your Pet While Driving

Taking that road trip with your dog

Who can resist having your dog ride shotgun or in your lap with the music blasting and the … Read More

Sniff out Emma the GBGV Dog at Target

Emma is a Boots & Barkley dog model

Target stores have a no dog in the store policy, except, of course, when they are on the … Read More

January 29: National Seeing Eye Dog Day

National Seeing Eye Dog Day

The ability to see is a precious gift and yet many people are visually impaired or have lost their eyesight altogether, while others are born … Read More

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are Real Life Pals that Delighted Children in Therapy Program

Snoopy the dog

Unlike, the Peanuts cartoons where Snoopy the dog stayed behind when the Peanuts gang went off to school, this real life dog Snoopy went right into the classroom. … Read More

Daily Dog Video – Dog Steals Cabbage

I remember when my dog Tasha stole the chicken off the kitchen counter top. In this video the dog steals the cabbage of all things and although not quite as tasty as chicken he doesn’t stop until he got it; talk about patience. It looks like he could have used something to wash it … Read More

The Cost of Owning a Dog is Easier to Figure with the Doggie Calculator

Puppies For Sale

Owning a dog is an expensive and long-term responsibility, but how much does it really cost? First, there is dog food and treats, then bath items, toys, annual medical … Read More