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All in a Day’s Work: Second Chances Lead to Service Work for Many Adopted Dogs

The dog Max and one of the stars at Dogs Rule, was adopted from a shelter.

Adopting a … Read More

Rescue Dogs and Cats Become the State Pets in Colorado

rescue dogs and cats

It’s raining cats and dogs in the state of Colorado! Bringing attention to rescue dogs and cats as viable pets, … Read More

Dog Care 101

Adoption is good!

Have you just adopted your first dog? You may have a few questions about how to care for your new canine.

First and foremost, remember that … Read More

Spencer’s License – A Reason to Bark for Another Year

From the voice of Spencer the Dog


Hey! it’s me Spencer. My dog license came to the house and now I’m licensed and legal for another year. Of course, … Read More

Dog Lifeguard on Duty Saves the Life of a Puppy

A Hero Dog – It’s not everyday a dog comes to the rescue of a puppy, but in this video the adult dog jumps in and rescues the puppy. It was spectacular to watch … Read More

My Buddy Goes To Dog Heaven

from the voice of Spencer

It’s a sad time in the dog world. My buddy, and, I mean that all labradors whether I know them or not are my buddies. After all us labs have to stick together in this world.

My buddy, his name was Jake and he was a black labrador and a … Read More