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The Initial Steps When Finding a Stray Dog

A Stray Dog is Always in Need of Help

Stray animals are put in a tough position, and if you stumble upon one, you could … Read More

Four Ways to Help Your Rescue Dog Adjust to a New Home

The face of rescue pets

Welcoming your new four-legged family member home can be a heartwarming experience, and giving an older dog a second chance … Read More

Rochdale Dog Rescue Needs Your Help

Rochdale Dog Rescue, initially established by Pat Crabtree in 1975 and now run by Coryn Shields, works hard to find loving homes for dogs in a Northern pound who are due … Read More

Everyday is the Season to Give Thanks and Presents

Christmas present

‘Tis typically the season to give thanks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. During this time we reflect on things past, give thanks to those we love and those that helped us become better people. It is also … Read More

How Much is That Doggie in the Window – Bloggers Unite to Promote Dog Adoption

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

How much is that doggie in the window?

The one with the waggly tail

How much is that doggie in the window?

I … Read More

Summertime Dangers for Dogs

Temperature rising in the hot sun

It’s such a common sight to see a dog inside a car in a parking lot. Maybe, he’s barking a warning to stay … Read More