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Graduation Day for Spencer the Dog with Video



(from the voice of Tasha and Spencer)

“Hey Spencer, you’re graduating tomorrow from training class. Is that why mom gave us … Read More

Who is Your Favorite Animal on This Blog? Take Our First Poll

You’ve read our posts, you’ve met the animals now they need your opninion. In our first ever poll on this blog we ask you to pick your favorite on this blog?

Here’s how it works

Go to the comments section at the bottom of this post

Click this link in the first comment; Who … Read More

Merry Meow-mas and Happy Bark-lidays

spencershyFrom the animals here at Dogs Rule Cats Drool, Tasha and Spencer the dogs and oh yeah, that darn housecat, Sassy, we wish you many happy things in 2009. We hope that you will see your goals and dreams come true this year. We … Read More

The Heartbroken Kitty


(from the voice of Sassy)

Okay! Mom, it’s time to take down the dogs picture next to the blogger award. Yeah, yeah! I know we got the blogger award, but having to look at those dogs ugly pictures for over a week is really annoying me. How come you … Read More

Get Ready, Get Set, Don’t Go!


(from the voice of Sassy)

Let me tell you that mom and all this writing on her other blogs is ruining my social appearances on this site. When she’s off posting to her other sites I don’t get to put in my two cents and I’ve been quite for … Read More

Spencer meets a ghost!


(from the voice of Tasha)

Spencer! Enough already!

You’ve been barking for over an hour and yet there’s nothing to bark at. I need my beauty sleep and I’m sure you are driving mom crazy by now. I’m surprised she hasn’t been out to yell at … Read More

Halloween hauntings!


(from the voice of Tasha)

Hey Spencer,

You got your barking voice ready for tonight? It’s Halloween and all those little trick or treaters will soon be here in their costumes, and charging through the yard. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make … Read More

Puppy Love!

(from Spencer)

Amber, the love of my life!

My heart is going pitter patter and the reason is this pretty girl. Her name is Amber and she just might be the love of my … Read More

My New Pal – Amber

(from Spencer)

I found a new pal Amber. She’s a female yellow Labrador Retriever and she gets to guard 10 acres of forest on her human mom’s property. She’s even been known to face a bear or even a rabbit to protect her home. Oooh! the only thing I get to chase down is possums. … Read More

Birthday Bash


(from Spencer)

Cake and ice cream, party hats and stremers, if you ask me this birthday stuff is overrated. Mom says I’m 5 today. Woo Hoo! but, that doesn’t mean there’s time for cake and ice cream. I still have a yard to guard and I take that very … Read More

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