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Looking into the Archives – Dogs and Cats Together into Eternity

Sassy the Cat

It is nearly impossible to get away from these dogs and now even in death I have to be buried with them. Oh! Eternity doesn’t … Read More

Dogs in the City – Dog Advice from Justin Silver

If anyone has been watching Dogs in the City the first season abruptly ended on July 11, 2012. Justin Silver dog guru always gave great advice for dog owners. One could learn a lot from his show with the different types of issues he resolved. In this video, Justin answers questions from fans and give … Read More

Dogs in the City – Season Finale – Discussion

Dogs in the City Television Show

Dogs in the City starring dog guru Justin Silver debuted on Wednesday, May 3 and the training sessions were exciting to watch. … Read More

Weekly Discussion – Dogs in the City with Host Justin Silver – Share Your Thoughts

Dogs in the City Television Show

Welcome to our weekly discussion of topics in the top world. Today’s topic is the new television show, Dogs in the City … Read More

Can You Hear Me Now – Competition for the Dog Whisperer with Premier of Dogs in the City

Dogs in the City Premiers Tonight May 30, 2012 on CBS Television at 8/7c

Can you hear me now? Competition for Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer is on the horizon. The premier of Dogs in … Read More

The Morning Bark – Dogs Safety in Cars

My heart goes out to all those dogs that are sticking their head out the driver’s side window, while the driver cruises down the street. This practice of not securing a dog in the … Read More

Tasha the Dog Wins a Giveaway at Tillman Skates Blog

Tasha the Dog



Tasha the Dog won a giveaway at Tillman Skates Blog. She won for herself and Spencer the dog, 30 pounds of … Read More

My Writing Companion – Spencer the Dog

Spencer the dog

I’m guest posting at Grouchy Puppy about life with my writing companion – Spencer the dog. Think Spencer is the perfect companion; think again, he makes Marley the dog seem like a calm relaxed poodle.

Find out if … Read More

Sassy the Cat Gets Passed Over Again to be First Kitty

From the voice of Sassy the Cat

I am so disappointed that I want to cough up a hair ball! Once again I have been passed over while … Read More

Vote for Sassy the Cat to be California’s First Kitty

From the voice of Sassy the Cat

By now everyone knows that the first family of the United States – the President’s family- got their treasured dog. What’s wrong with these humans? Why didn’t they pick a cat? Why didn’t … Read More