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Four Paw Savings

Gardening with Dogs – An Apple a Day

The first apple from our apple tree

There’s an old adage that says an apple a day keeps the doctor. Apples are know for contributing to your overall health in so many ways. They can lower your cholesterol … Read More

Lessons Learned From My Dogs – A Smile and a Warm Hello

Lessons Learned From My Dogs

When I come inside from being out in the yard with my dogs, I can turn around ten minutes later and go back out again and the dogs greet me with such enthusiasm, almost … Read More

Lessons Learned from Walking the Dog – Finish What You Start

Tasha the Dog


Tasha the dog is a black pure-breed German Shepherd. She is the most loyal and loving dog, one could ask for. She loves going for walks and waits eagerly for the leash … Read More

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