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Coughing up Hairballs – It’s Not So Much Fun

Sassy the cat

It’s all fun and games until someone hacks up a hairball. Hairballs and that hacking cough! I hate being an old cat. I am … Read More

Sassy the Cat the Kitty Behind the Words

You do know that all the ideas come from me, right?

Mom just writes what I tell her.


Do you help write your blog?










Ding Dong the Wicked Dog is Gone

Sassy the cat sings a song.

Let’s sing a song. The music is the song from the Wizard of OZ. We’re only going … Read More

Monday Mischief – Partners in Crime – Who Dun it?

The Partners in Crime: Max the dog and

Max the Dog


Tasha the Dog

Mischievous Monday Sour Cream Paw Prints

Sassy the Cat

When you step in sour cream and then run, it leaves white paw prints all over the place. I hid in the corner of mom’s bedroom; … Read More

Monday Mischief – Can You See Me Now

Sassy the cat in her hiding place.

Shhh! Mom is trying to find me to put me outside. Don’t tell her where I’m hiding.



Read More

Life With Tasha – Cats, cats and more cats

Tasha the dog

Oh! no, it’s my worst nightmare coming true! Mom is feeding another cat. Yep, she couldn’t resist and fed another cat and now it won’t leave the … Read More

Meet Scout the Latest Stray Kitten to Enter the Yard

Scout is a four month old kitten

Meet Scout our latest stray cat. We haven’t officially adopted him, he’s just hanging our for awhile. The neighbor lady across … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Sassy the Cat Gets An Attitude Adjustment

Sassy the Cat

Mom said that I needed an attitude adjustment because I was becoming to sassy on this blog and she wanted me to be a nice … Read More

On Being Friends With Tasha the Dog

from the voice of Sassy the Cat

(written by Jamie Camarena)

Everybody is telling me to be friends with Tasha. They tell me to say sorry to Tasha and that … Read More