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Gardening with Dogs – Spencer Battles a Rose Bush and Lost

Spencer as a puppy

In 2003 Spencer was five months old when he dug out a young rose bush during the night. He dropped it after walking a few feet with it and licked the wounds to his legs.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane – Five Things that Made Spencer the Dog Very Unhappy

I came across this article I wrote a long time ago. I have revised it to past tense since Spencer is no longer with me. He crossed the rainbow bridge in Jan 2013. Here’s a trip down memory lane with five things that made Spencer very unhappy. Enjoy!

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Looking into the Archives – Spencer the Dog Unleashes His Many Identities

It’s me Spencer and we need to talk. Mom puts in her two cents every once in awhile on this blog and sometimes I don’t seem to be represented in the best light. So I wanted to … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Spencer Gets a Job

Tasha the Dog

“Hey Spencer! You’re gonna be a grave digger. I heard mom talking and she’s hiring you out to the local cemetery. That’s right, she says since you won’t stop said Tasha the Dog. Read moreRead More

Five Things that Make the Dog Spencer Very Unhappy and Very Skeptical

My Dog Spencer

What does your dog enjoy most – a swim, taking a walk, chasing a toy? Most dogs enjoy the little things you do with them. For my dog Spencer, five things that other dogs love … Read More

Product Review – Fresh n Clean Oatmeal and Baking Soda Shampoo

Over the years, I have tried different shampoos for bathing Spencer the Dog. Most of the time Spencer is coated in a layer of dirt from digging up the yard. With Spencer always being dirty, I figured the harsher chemicals would get him as … Read More

My Writing Companion – Spencer the Dog

Spencer the dog

I’m guest posting at Grouchy Puppy about life with my writing companion – Spencer the dog. Think Spencer is the perfect companion; think again, he makes Marley the dog seem like a calm relaxed poodle.

Find out if … Read More

Spencer the Dog Steals the Spotlight


(from the voice of Spencer the dog)


(from the voice of Tasha the dog)

“Today, Spencer I’m … Read More

All Dogs Go To Heaven – Spencer’s Buddy Passes


We think our pets will live forever and always be at our side. But, when they pass we feel an emptiness that sometimes can’t be filled. One of our very good blogging animal buddies also name Spencer passed away earlier this year, in February. Spencer … Read More

Graduation Day for Spencer the Dog with Video



(from the voice of Tasha and Spencer)

“Hey Spencer, you’re graduating tomorrow from training class. Is that why mom gave us … Read More

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