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Four Paw Savings

Lady Tasha – A Royal Dog

Tasha the dog

If Tasha came from a line of royalty then she would have the title of “Lady,” much like the Lady Diana Spencer who later married Prince Charles and held the title of Princess. Tasha in … Read More

Life with Tasha – Taking My Medicine

Life with Tasha

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all

Read More

Post Op Recovery with Tasha

Tasha laying by the front door wearing the Cone of Shame

It’s been a week since Tasha’s surgery and each day she gets stronger on the road to recovery. It’s been hard keeping her confined in the … Read More

Life With Tasha – It Was A Flowerpot

Tasha the Dog

This morning it was a flower pot, but I worked really hard and

chewed it all to pieces. Max the puppy is chewing up everything so I figured I can do it.


Read More

Monday Mischief is a Week Long Event

Monday Mischief

Monday Mischief seems to be a week-long event at my house. If the dogs aren’t destroying my potted plants, then they are chewing up everything in their path. For the last two days, there has … Read More

Tasha and Max – Backyard Mates or Twins

Max the Dog

Max here to set the record straight. Everyone who seez Tasha and I together say “Oh look, twins,” Really? and they say humans are the superior race. Weez is not twins. Twins is something … Read More

Life With Tasha – Cats, cats and more cats

Tasha the dog

Oh! no, it’s my worst nightmare coming true! Mom is feeding another cat. Yep, she couldn’t resist and fed another cat and now it won’t leave the front yard. On top of that, it’s going … Read More

Mom Digs for Money

Tasha the Dog

Oh no! I saw mom digging. She was digging just like Spencer. She used a small shovel instead of two paws, but I’m afraid she’s gone to the dark side like Spencer and she will … Read More

Looking into the Archives – Spencer Gets a Job

Tasha the Dog

“Hey Spencer! You’re gonna be a grave digger. I heard mom talking and she’s hiring you out to the local cemetery. That’s right, she says since you won’t stop said Tasha the Dog. Read moreRead More

Tasha the Dog is Featured in the Naughty Dog Competition

Tasha the Naughty Dog

Vote for Tasha the Dog in the Naughty Dog Competition

The Naughty Dog Competition at Molly and Allies’ Blog is having people vote for the dog that did the most dastardly deed. Tasha is … Read More

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