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Roses and Tomatoes in December

Roses in a rain storm

In the midst of a severe rain storm the dog’s food bowl is catching rain and the plants are flooded, but the roses are in full bloom and tomatoes are ripe on the … Read More

Calling Max – Watch This Dog Run Video

There is something amazing about calling dogs who love to come running and Max loves to come when called. Not even my children come to my side as fast as Max can get there. In fact, most times if they could my children would have run in the opposite direction. Or the would yell, “What?” … Read More

Keep Saving Water, L.A.! Know Your Watering Days

Sun Peeking through the Clouds

In the midst of a drought, a rainy day is welcome and enjoyed. While water conservation in Los Angeles is mandatory it makes it easier when there is so much rain. As residents … Read More

The Essential Dog-owner Guide: Three Tips for Novices

The Essential Dog Owner Guide

In the UK, there were an estimated 22 million pets living in households nationwide during 2012. Quite staggeringly, cats and dogs accounted for 16 million of this total number, … Read More

Thankful Thursday – Memorial Day and Freedom

Today, May 30th is the official date of Memorial Day and it’s a day to thank all those military heroes that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Playing a large role with these men and women are the canine companions that … Read More

Celebrities and Their Pets – Kelly Osbourne Mourns the Loss of Her Dog

In Memory Of

Kelly Osbourne, a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars and the daughter of rocker Ozzie Osbourne mourns the loss of her beloved childhood pet, Maggie, who lived to be sixteen.

Save Money on Dog Food by Clipping Coupons

Save money with coupons

Never, pay full price for dog food again! Sharing your life with your furry friends can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Visits to the vet, toys and food add up quickly and that … Read More

Dog Saves Two Girls From Icy Waters

Dogs are Hero’s

I enjoy stories where the dog is the hero and the top news story.

**A Fort Saskatchewan oil worker who rescued two girls from the icy waters of the North Saskatchewan River credits adrenalin and his … Read More

St. Pawtrick’s Day – Walk with the Animals

Walking with the animals is sure to be a fun filled day at the 21st annual Walk with the Animals on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Put on your walking shoes, grab your dog’s leash, and join in the fun. Then you and … Read More

Life with Tasha – Exercise and Healthy Eating

Tasha the dog

Losing weight and eating healthier was my New Year goal was for Tasha the dog and myself. There is no better way to lose weight than by eating healthy. This applies to both humans and … Read More

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