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Ask The Vet – Why Does My Cat Refuse to Use the Litter Box

Ask the Vet

Are you wondering why your cat refuses to use the litter box? Do you think it’s a behavioral issue, medical or something you are doing wrong? Today, … Read More

Ask the Vet – Why Does My Dog Scoot on His Butt

Ask the Vet

Ever had that uncomfortable reaction to your dog scooting across the floor on his butt? It can be rather funny, but also embarrassing when your dog does … Read More

Ask the Vet – Dealing with Flies

Today is Ask the Vet and our first question deals with those summer fly’s that irritate all animals. Dr. Billi Tiner has some advice on how to conquer the fly situation and make your dog … Read More

Introducing Our Resident Veterinarian Dr. Billi Tiner

Dr. Billi Tiner

Dogs Rule Cats Drool is proud to announce a new addition to our blog, our resident veterinarian and author Dr. Billi Tiner. … Read More

The Morning Bark – Ensuring Your Pet Lives a Long and Healthy Life

The Dog and The Vet

Dogs can tell when humans feel pain. They sense our emotions and understand the difference in us when our energy level is less than … Read More