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Dog of the Week Video – the Dog TreT in Action

Dog Video – Howling Dogs are Contagious

I never could record my dogs howling, (they always howl at the ambulances) but someone recorded their dogs. The noise these dogs made, had Sassy the cat looking around for the dogs. She was really scared. Okay, I admit that was an awful joke to play on the cat.

Does your dog howl?

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Daily Dog Video – Dog Steals Cabbage

I remember when my dog Tasha stole the chicken off the kitchen counter top. In this video the dog steals the cabbage of all things and although not quite as tasty as chicken he doesn’t stop until he got it; talk about patience. It looks like he could have used something to wash it … Read More

Speaking Canine – The Meaning of Dog Barks

Justin Silver host of the television show Dogs in the City always says he speaks Canine. Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer a Nat Geo television show also seems to have a special knack for understanding … Read More

Cat Fights with a Snake – video

Cat plays with a snake

Just what do you think this cat would say upon meeting up with this snake? “Hey, this is my yard, go find your own place to protect, I’m the big head kitty … Read More