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Wordless Wednesday – Max Goes for a Car Ride

I have never seen a happier dog than Max when he is riding in the car.

Max enjoying a ride in the car


Wordless Wednesday – Trouble at Every Turn

How long do you think I can stay out of trouble?

Sassy the cat

hours, day, an entire week?







Wordless Wednesday – I am a Cat

Sassy the Cat sees things from a new viewpoint

I am Sassy the Cat and that affords me some great opportunities for all sorts of things, but it … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Mom adopts plants and the yard next door

Sassy the Cat

Sassy the Cat here! Can you believe it? Mom is adopting plants. I just hope she doesn’t adopt another cat. The bank foreclosed on the house next door and they moved out about two weeks ago and … Read More

Wordless Wednesday – Take a Break Today

Sassy takes a break

Relax, you’re so uptight. Take a break, role in the dirt and enjoy life for a few minutes.



Wordless Wednesday – Spencer Thanks All His Digging Buddies

It’s in here, I know it is.


Wordless Wednesday – Autumn is in the Air

Sassy the cat enjoys the cool morning air


Wordless Wednesday – Would You Jump In and Help

Wordless Wednesday

Clearly, this is the conversation my dogs Spencer and Tasha would have in this situation.


Wordless Wednesday – Sassy the Cat’s Nemesis

Sassy the Cat’s Nemesis

Wordless Wednesdays – Horses Rolling in the Dirt Like Big Dogs

These are two horses, a male (blue halter) and female (red halter) that were enjoying the afternoon at the Ventura County Fair. They were about three years old and enjoyed running around the corral and rolling in the dirt as if they were big dogs. This was amazing to watch. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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