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Sassy the Cat

Oh! Just look at that title, Dogs Rule and Cats Drool. It makes me so mad I just want to cough up a hairball. What’s wrong with the title Cat’s Rule and Dogs Drool, after all those dogs may own the yard, but I get to eat and sleep in the garage. I also get to be inside especially when it’s to hot, to cold, to windy or when I darn well feel like it and those dogs have to sit outside. I like to rub it in so I stand near the glass door where they can see me, but they can’t get me. 

 I really don’t know how old I am, but I’ve been with my human mom for four years and I guess I was just a little baby cat when I showed up on her doorstep and decided that I wanted to stay for awhile. At first I lived in the front yard with my litter of kittens that were born a short time after I showed up and then I kept inching closer to the house. By the time my second, third and fourth litter of kittens were born I was  comfortably living in the garage making visits into the house.

Mom took care of my problem with always having kittens and now I can comfortably enjoy life.


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