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Spencer the Dog

 Spencer plays shy

 (Will you take the picture already, I have to guard the yard.)

Hey, my name is Spencer and let me tell you it’s no fun being surrounded by so many females. First Tasha and then that pesty cat. Tasha thinks she owns my yard and that cat is so slick rubbing it in that she lives inside while we are subject to all the elements.  I was the first dog here and had the yard all to myself for 2 years before those females showed up. 

I am a yellow Labrador Retriever and I am 4 years old. I have a very honorable job of guarding the yard and keeping intruders away and I can bark at whoever I hear. I don’t have time to play games like that immature Tasha as I always need to be alert and listening for sounds.

As for that cat, she’s a pain in the ass, but I try not to let it bother me and I refuse to bark at her.  Let mom and dad get mad at Tasha for barking at the cat and then for once I will get praised for being the good dog.


September 11, 2002 – January 6, 2012

Spencer crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 6, 2012 and now is free to dig his holes and run and play. Spencer was my first dog after buying a house and he was my biggest challenge. While I was the voice of Spencer that voice was based on a real dog and I took what I say with him and made up a voice for him. People from all over loved Spencer’s voice, he was very diligent, hard-working and took his job of guarding the yard very seriously.

Reminders of Spencer still remain in the yard, not all his holes have been covered. There are many times when the new dog Max seems to be channeling Spencer.

Rest in Peace Spencer

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