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Tasha the Dog

My name is Tasha and I’m eight years old. The time living with mom sure has gone fast. I came to my yard as a puppy and had to learn to live with that dog that bullied me and made me afraid. He was two years older than me and a lot bigger, but then I grew up and he didn’t mess with me anymore. He sure got used to following my directions. He was alright after he knew that I was the boss.

I also have to deal with that menacing house cat name Sassy. She just gets under my skin and I have to bark at her. My human mom tells me to stop barking all the time and I try to tell her that I’m protecting her from this awful cat, but she seems to think that there’s room for both the cat and me to live here. Someday, somehow I’m going to get rid of that cat.

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