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Roses and Tomatoes in December

Roses in a rain storm

In the midst of a severe rain storm the dog’s food bowl is catching rain and the plants are flooded, but the roses are in full bloom and tomatoes are ripe on the … Read More

It Never Rains in California

After the storm

There is a line in a song that says, “It never rains in California, it only pours and pours. And for the last 24 hours, it poured and it poured. Wild rain, snow and … Read More

Max’s Favorite Time of Year

Turkey Dinner

Each one of us has a favorite holiday or a favorite time of the year and each with a different reason for being our favorite. I believe that if Max could talk his favorite time of year … Read More

Calling Max – Watch This Dog Run Video

There is something amazing about calling dogs who love to come running and Max loves to come when called. Not even my children come to my side as fast as Max can get there. In fact, most times if they could my children would have run in the opposite direction. Or the would yell, “What?” … Read More

Max Loves to Run

Max the dog

Max has learned a number of commands and one of those is to run. He loves to run. I clap my hands and give the command, “Run” and he takes off through the yard, … Read More

Keep Saving Water, L.A.! Know Your Watering Days

Sun Peeking through the Clouds

In the midst of a drought, a rainy day is welcome and enjoyed. While water conservation in Los Angeles is mandatory it makes it easier when there is so much rain. As residents … Read More

New Life Blooms after the Rain

Rose Buds

The sun is shining, the clouds are breaking up, although the ground is still muddy and streets and sidewalks are wet in many places. This last ran storm brought lots of water and I certainly won’t have … Read More

Gardening with Dogs – After the Rains

The sky after the rain

Do you ever look up in the sky? I spend most of my time in the garden, looking down at the ground and digging in the dirt or moving containers to a … Read More

Howling Like a Wolf with Video

Max howls and he sounds like a wolf. He has a deep, deep howl that is kind of eerie. The other dogs Tasha and Spencer never sounded like he does. Both Tasha and Spencer had whiny barks, although Tasha’s was deeper. But Max has a deeper howl than Tasha ever had. We live within a … Read More

Gardening with Dogs – Rain and Mud and Pawprints

sun peeking through the clouds

We had a recent rain storm and some much needed rain. California is in the midst of a severe drought, so severe that the Department of Water and Power this summer put us … Read More

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