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Max 365: Mastering the Skill of Standing and Scratching

Max the dog

You know how they say don’t drink and drive, don’t text and drive, well, for me it’s don’t stand on three legs and use the fourth leg to scratch. When I first arrived at … Read More

A Rescue Dog Finds His Forever Home – Artie’s Tale of Life and Love

Artie the Dog in his forever home

Artie the dog was not unlike most shelter dogs, where their fate hangs in the balance; between adoption and euthanasia. Artie was on death’s doorstep and scheduled to be euthanized … Read More

Sunday in the Park

(from the voice of the author)

Today, you can find the dogs Tasha and Spencer and Sassy the cat at the Blog Carnival in the Park. Join them and their dog friends at the carnival and you to might be able to make some new blogging friends. The carnival has stations set up for;

Read More

Look At It Snow



“Hey Spencer! It’s raining again, but I’m not getting wet like when it normally rains. What is it?” asked Tasha.

”I’m not sure, but I think it’s snow,” said Spencer. “I remember mom talking about it when they went to Sequoia … Read More

Mom’s Christmas Present


I gave mom a late Christmas present today. I found this cute little rat that just feel out of the sky. It was already dead and I carried it around for awhile and wouldn’t let Spencer have it. When I made it clear to Spencer that it was a … Read More

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