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Mister Spunky and His Friends Book Tour and Giveaway

Mister Spunky and His Friends Book Tour

Welcoming your new four-legged family member home can be a heartwarming experience and this is exactly how Kelly … Read More

Second Chances and Miracles involving Four Rescue Dogs and their Owner

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper

Do you believe in second chances? Real Dogs Don’t Whisper book is … Read More

Book Spotlight – The Cat that God Sent by Jim Kraus

The Cat that God Sent

Living in a dog world, most cats can hold their own and outwit their fellow canine. When it comes to blog and … Read More

Purrs of Wisdom: Conscious Living Feline Style Book Blast and Giveaway

Purrs of Wisdom

About the Author:

Ingrid King is a former veterinary hospital manager turned award winning writer. Her popular blog, The Conscious Cat, … Read More

Special Needs Dogs and a Loving Home Make for a Positive Impact on Author Kelly Preston

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour

Find out what first gave Kelly the impetus to open her home to an abused/challenged dog, … Read More

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper by Kelly Preston

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper

Do you believe in Second Chances? Real Dogs Don’t Whisper by Kelly Preston is about second chance and … Read More

New Book for Review: Real Dogs Don’t Whisper: Life Lessons Told By A Larger Than Life Dog (and his owner)

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour

Author Kelly Preston will be on virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book with … Read More

Charlie A Love Story – Book Review

Charlie A Love Story


Charlie: A Love Story tells of the beautiful love between Charlie, a Golden Retriever, and the author, Barbara Lampert. It takes place … Read More

Charlie: A Love Story – A Dog Memoir with Many Messages

Charlie A Love Story

Yes, this is a book about Charlie, my extraordinary Golden Retriever and our beautiful relationship. So it fits into the “dog memoir” … Read More

Postcards To Kittyland – Remembering Your Cat

Jekyll Says Book Cover


Children’s author D.C. Blackbird, author of Jekyll says. . . Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should, Too! is launching an exciting new book project called … Read More

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