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Getting Another Dog

Rest in Peace, TashaApril, 2004-August 2014

Do you ever wish that you could have one more day with your dog that has passed? And you rationalize that even one … Read More

Conquering Fears and Saying Good-bye in 2014

Max the dog

The end of the year 2014 is quickly approaching in minutes rather than hours. I am looking ahead to 2015 and all … Read More

Life with Tasha – Rest in Peace Girl

Tasha at home on the front grass

It is with a sad and heavy heart, that I’m sharing the news that my sweet, loving German Shepherd dog, Tasha has died. … Read More

Ding Dong the Wicked Dog is Gone

Sassy the cat sings a song.

Let’s sing a song. The music is the song from the Wizard of OZ. We’re only going … Read More

Life with Tasha – I’m a Sick Doggie and Need Surgery

Tasha the dog

The DIAGNOSIS is in! I need surgery to remove a mammary gland tumor. Mom took me to the vet on Saturday and he’s awful. He … Read More

Life With Tasha – It Was A Flowerpot

Tasha the Dog

This morning it was a flower pot, but I worked really hard and

chewed it all to pieces. Max the puppy is chewing up everything … Read More

Monday Mischief is a Week Long Event

Monday Mischief

Monday Mischief seems to be a week-long event at my house. If the dogs aren’t destroying my potted plants, then they are chewing … Read More

Monday Mischief – Partners in Crime – Who Dun it?

The Partners in Crime: Max the dog and

Max the Dog


Tasha the Dog

Life with Tasha – Gardening 101

Tasha the dog

Mom has been working in the back yard trying to make it change colors from brown to green. She keeps digging holes (and she … Read More

Life With Tasha – Cats, cats and more cats

Tasha the dog

Oh! no, it’s my worst nightmare coming true! Mom is feeding another cat. Yep, she couldn’t resist and fed another cat and now it won’t leave the … Read More