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Your Story

My animals love fan mail and they want to hear your story about your dog or cat on this page. Pick any sentence retype it in your reply post and then finish it. Keep it to 100 words or less.  Happy writing

The Funniest Thing My Dog/Cat Ever Did was;

I love my dog/cat because;

My dog/cat is known best for;

How did my dog/cat came to live with me;

14 comments to Your Story

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 27th, 2008

    Baxter, Iowa, USA –The newly released book What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch answers the question if you were a dog what breed would you be.

    Are you really training your pet or do they have you trained? What Dog Are You? has a humorous quiz for personality, appearance and life choices that is each scored separately and matched to one out of 100 dogs. These three breeds are your “puppy genetic makeup,” say the authors. The chapter Top Dog reveals your overall inner dog, and The Kennel gives you a summary of traits and quirks.

    “It was so fun, I had a blast going through and doing all these quizzes…this is great for dog lovers, animal lovers, I mean it really was fun,” said Caitlyn Coyner, morning anchor for KCCI-TV NewsChannel 8 Des Moines, Ia. (an affiliate of CBS), during a television interview. Dorothy Callaway, reporter for the Jasper County Tribune wrote, “The quizzes are fun to take, great for all ages, and potentially somewhat addictive.”
    The authors said, “Our follow up title What Cat Are You? Discovering Your Inner Feline is nearly complete and many more ideas are in the works.”

    Color pictures of all 100 dogs are on their website, as well as other information.

    What Dog Are You? is widely available online

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    Contact for interview or review book copy:
    Lori Howell

    Co-Author (Beagle)
    I Am A What? LLC


    • candyheartz6


      1. Dogs are smarter. A Standard Poodle named Charlie read commands and did it. I know cats can open doors but I think that they can run away and the owner waste money on a cat. Here is the link to Charlie reading:

      2. Dogs can protect you. Dogs participate in the army, law enforcement,and work in retirement homes. Research shows that lots of people get robbed each year, however people who have dogs,big or small, can protect their houses. Also dogs can chase rodents, bears, birds and more.

      3. Dogs are more unique. Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. Cats, however only come in colors. The Ugly Dogs contest just shows that dogs are more unique than cats. That is why there are dog shows and dog groups.

      4. Dogs can clean themselves too! Some dog breeds can actually clean themselves such as the Basenji and the Afghan Hound. Cats clean themselves too but their saliva can cause allergies to the owner. But dogs like the Basenji doesn’t shed very much and may be a good choice for people with allergies.

      5. A research shows that people with dogs have families and people with cats graduate in colleges. People that have dogs usually show that they are cool but people with cats just show people that they are sensitive. Which would you date a cool or sensitive person?

      6. Dogs can make you live longer. I know cats purr to lower blood pressure but if you walk dogs, you can get the excercise you need to be healthy and loose some weight. Dogs too can lower blood pressure.

      7. Not all dogs drool. Only dogs with a loose mouth can drool.

      8. Dogs are more popular. Dogs have been charming people for thousands of years. Lots of famous people have them like Oprah, Paris Hilton, Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth, most U.S. presidents and Jesus. Dog movies are way better than stupid Garfield.

      9. Dogs are braver. Dogs even the smallest and puppies are very brave and go through storms and puppy mills. Dogs can fight and be a friendly dog at the same time depends on where you get them.

      10. Dogs are only aggressive if someone breeds them wrong. Lots of people pour acid on puppies because they want them to fight. That is why cat lovers say “Dogs are aggressive no matter what”. But actually dogs are very nice.

  • janell1

    From Susan Lustig
    Shilo’s Story!
    Even the cleverest dog couldn’t figure out how to buck the internet’s reliability as a source for translation programs – otherwise, Susan Lustig may never have been able to decipher the mysterious folder she discovered while reorganizing the files in her computer. The folder contained nearly two years’ worth of emails written by her rescued Golden Retriever, Shilo, to her sister’s Bichon Frise.

    Once she got over the shock of reading Shilo’s take on everything from cats to Christmas Tree etiquette (“I’m a normal male dog, and we both know the true purpose of a tree. This is too much,” Shilo wrote), Lustig found photographs to illustrate Shilo’s chronicle and created the book E-mails from Shilo, now available as a paperback or as an e-book.

    “It was so bizarre to find this weird file that I knew I hadn’t created, and not be able to read it,” Lustig said from the Southern California home she shares with her husband and Shilo. “But Shilo’s strange behavior when I found it, his constant efforts to distract me, made me suspicious enough to search the ‘net for a dog language translation program.”

    Once she found a way to decode the file, Lustig said she was initially taken with Shilo’s acute curiosity into human behavior and how it relates to dogs. Yet as she read and re-read the emails, she became even more impressed with his quest to understand how dog behavior relates to humans.

    “Apparently Sammy, the Bassett Hound next door, was actually Shilo’s mentor and an authority on the early history of dogs and the folklore of ancient wolves and their relationship with man,” said Lustig. “Shilo wrote to Max, my sister’s dog, about everything – but his relationship with Sammy was clearly a very special part of Shilo’s world. Sammy was extremely influential in Shilo’s inner growth.”

    E-mails From Shilo is a publication from Barkley Publishing, LLC (
    Shilo’s website is at: E-mails from Shilo
    Shilo’s blog is at: Thoughts from the Bark Side

  • lalalo

    your so right! omg! dogs are ment to have some fun with you when cats… there just some STUPID creatures that lie on the floor the whole time!

  • How did my dog/cat came to live with me;

    since I have 4 cats and one dog I will probably not share all of this right now. We’ll start with how my dog came to live with me.
    My last GSD, Sadie, went to Rainbow Bridge October 2006. She was nearly 14 years old, suffering from liver disease and extreme HD. Neither of those ailments go her. The tumor on her spleen did. One morning her spleen flipped and since her condition was so frail we peacefully, and humanely, let her go play with other Bridge pets she had shared her life with.
    Shortly after Sadie left us a woman I know from a dog board offered to let me adopt one of her foster pups. Problem being we are in NH and Molly was in Michigan.
    Molly’s mom had been picked up off the streets of Detroit very pregnant. The day after she went into the foster room (a former GSD breeder) she gave birth to 7 puppies. One pup died at birth and another died from heart failure at 4 months of age. Chances are these pups were the product of a BYBer who lost a female. Eventually the owner did find her but by then mom and all pups had been adopted out.
    Moving on….When we agreed to adopt Molly we made arrangements to meet her foster mom’s son in Lake Placid, NY which is a 4-hour drive for us. He’d gone home to MI for Thanksgiving and brought Molly back to NY with him (where he was living).
    That’s her story. Nothing too exciting but a long ride for her.

  • Just recently I have looked around in search of some little more knowledge about Eukanuba. Can it be true that the main ingredient is comprised of soya? Clearly there’s additional ingredients like chicken/beef in it, but that doesn’t sound like a good base.

  • I have lived with the dogs Spencer and Tasha. Also the cat Sassy. I have loved them since I was little. Spencer, I have known since I was a little over two when we got him. He was so cute as a puppy and also a little trouble maker. I have heard different stories about how had always got into trouble. Now the next pet we got was Tasha and she was very hyper. We got her when I was four and she was a little bigger than Spencer. She also got into trouble and still does, but we love her anyway. Now Sassy the last pet we got we didn’t get at a store or at an adoption center we found her. More or like she found us. So she finally became a part of our family. I named her Sassy after my favorite movie Homeward Bound. These are my pets. My FAMILY.

  • sarah barbieri

    hi my name is sarah i am 14 yrs old & i have a year and a half old pitbull rottwieler mix he barks all the time which i dont mind but it gets annoying he likes playin outside but he doesnt bring the ball back to me 🙁 he loves to play tug of war hes a good dog but hes being difficult to train he knows how to sit & some wat stay &laydown hes a great dog but i want hime to listen better to me and not jump on my friends when they come over what can i do and i live on long island if your able to come to my house and help train him he loves ppl and he is very protective hes a mush though and loves socks and he takes my pillows and carrys them around the house can u please help me on what i can do??

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